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Rules and policies

Woodridge State School has four very important elements that define the Code of Conduct for all members of the school community.

These are our four school rules: 
  1. I am safe
  2. I am respectful
  3. I am caring
  4. I am a learner

Whole school behaviour support

All Woodridge State School staff are trained to implement the philosophy behind the “Responsible Thinking Process” which is a positive approach to behaviour management for today’s classroom. Staff implementation of the school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan is constantly monitored and feedback is provided to ensure consistency and continued effectiveness.

To clearly describe fair and reasonable limits of social behaviour in order to create a supportive learning environment at Woodridge State School, we encourage all children to develop as individuals. This is taught through Program Achieve - You can do it!

Program achieve

Program Achieve (You can do it!) provides students with the foundations for achievement and social-emotional well-being at school and the world of tomorrow. It encourages students to perform at a level consistent with their ability. It supports the development of a positive learning environment and is a key component of our Health and Well Being Policy.
Program Achieve has 5 keys to success. These are:
  1.  Organisation - The ability to set goals and manage time effectively. Being responsible for personal items and belongings in the classroom and playgrounnd.
  2. Persistence - The ability to remain focussed on a task until it is completed even if it may be difficult. To work hard to achieve results.
  3. Getting along - The ability to mix well with others. To be tolerant and non-judgemental and be able to think through problems independently. The ability to work within accepted rules of the school and classroom.
  4. Confidence - The ability to believe in yourself. To work independently and have an optimistic outlook and recognise making mistakes as part of authentic learning.
  5. Resilience - The ability to bounce back when something bad happens. It’s being aware of one’s feelings and knowing how to stop getting too angry, down or worried when something bad happens.
At Woodridge State School the You Can Do It foundations are embedded into our daily programs and extra curricula activities. Our main focus is for students to connect these skills to their life outside of school, developing habits that will support them through life.

Attendance policy

School absenteeism and truancy can impact significantly on students' learning and wellbeing.
Research shows that in Queensland, higher student attendance is associated, on average, with higher student achievement. Additionally, attending school every day helps children to build social and emotional skills such as communication, teamwork and resilience.
Under the law, you must make sure your child is enrolled and attends school on all school days unless there is a reasonable excuse.

Same Day Notification

As part of our school policy you are required to notify the school on the same day that your child is away and let the school know the reason for their absence. If we do not hear from you on the day your child is away, the school will send a text notification in the morning. As a parent your obligation is to reply to the text notification with your child’s name, class and reason for absence.
Woodridge State School will:
• send a notification in the morning if your child is recorded as absent
• monitor student attendance
• follow-up any unexplained absences
• use effective teaching strategies to engage your child in learning
• help you with strategies to encourage your child to go to school
• provide support for families.


Our attendance target is 95%. If your child is absent from school for more than 2 school days, as part of our school policy, we require a Medical Certificate to support that your child is too sick to attend school.


If you are planning a holiday, the best time would be during the holiday period. However, if you are planning to take holidays during the school term, as part of our school policy, you are required to apply formally through the principal and justify reasons for taking holidays during the school term.
If your child does not want to go to school, or is missing school without your knowing, contact your school immediately for assistance and support.
For further information regarding attendance please click on the link below:


Homework is designed as a review of the work done at school and helps to reinforce basic concepts and processes being undertaken in the classroom. Your assistance and supervision of your child's homework will be greatly appreciated. We encourage your help and involvement and hope that by doing this, you will come to a greater appreciation of your child's strengths and areas for development and work together with us as a team in helping your child to achieve his/her full potential.

Lost property

Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own belongings. Every effort is made to assist children to recover lost property. You can assist us greatly in this regard by ensuring that all articles of clothing, books, pads, pencils etc. are clearly marked with your child's name (in permanent ink). A lost property box is located near the school office for unrecovered, unmarked items.
Items of jewellery, watches etc. are held in the office until claimed. Please check your child's belongings regularly because items of clothing not claimed after a reasonable time, are resumed by the uniform shop. Please avoid sending toys, ipods, iphones, ipads, personal mobile devices of any kind, including radios, cassette players and other expensive items to school, as we will claim no responsibility in the event of loss or damage.